The World of Darkness is a dark reflection of world. The streets are less well maintained. The crime rate is higher. The world is filled with less hope.
It is world filled with supernatural horrors. Vampires prey on humanity for sustenance. Werewolves hunt us to maintain some strange balance. Stranger things lurk in the shadows.
Humanity chooses to ignore these terrible beings. Partially, it is due to their own supernatural effects that keeps us ignorant. But largely it’s because, deep down, everyone knows: those that take too keen an interest in monsters find that the monsters take a keen interest in them. So we block out the strange screams out night, and don’t look too closely at the eyes peering at us from the darkness.
And in this world of nightmares exists the God-Machine. Or perhaps the world exists in it? Its Infrastructure is everywhere. Conduits of arcane energy course through the city. Gears grind together in perfect time for grand machines of unknown purpose. Number stations relay mysterious orders to strange cults.
Angels, the God-Machines most loyal and terrible of servants, are summoned to perform strange missions. A child is protected until the thirteenth hour of his thirteenth birthday before being left to die. A woman is killed precisely equidistant between three clock towers. A cult is formed and then abandoned. Barrels of crude oil, all underfilled by exactly the same amount, are ferried to five different warehouses.
The God-Machine is vast. It’s intelligence is cold and calculating. It has servants everywhere. It has no malice for humanity, but it will grind anything in its way to dust.

The God Machine Chronicle

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